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About us

Named for two great men in my life, Finn+Santo represents the juxtaposition of feminine and masculine. I was born in the countryside of East Anglia but have lived all over the US, acquiring an appreciation for design elements from different eras and styles. This shop is inspired by the homes I grew up in, where each piece was collected and memories were attached. My goal is to provide product that either speaks to you or for you. Some items are a new take on the traditional that have been carefully selected to fit perfectly with your family heirlooms, other items are gathered from the depths of markets to add a missing piece of nostalgia. The magic is in the mix. Maybe you just need to see the sweet face of our shop dog Finn, he is happy to oblige. Find us at the spots below and follow us along!


Come see us!

Find Us at Charlotte Collective

Date: January 12, 2020


Located at 1222 Central Ave, Charlotte